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The results of the learning activity suggest that the application of this methodology allows students to improve the way they introduce their presentations, maintain public attention and reduce the use of ambiguous vocabulary. Therefore, the implementation of the new university system means that professors must be To achieve this goal, the present papers discusses the creation of a massive open online course MOOC aimed at unlimited participation, and open access about experiential learning for university professors.

Moreover, by allowing learners to complete their coursework in their own time, it provides flexibility to learners based on their own personal schedules. Only in this way, the academic staff of every university may be prepared for the changes taking place in 21st century. Difficulties about this teaching tool are discussed in the present paper. Specifically, the present manuscript explains how the authors worked to widen access to experiential learning in Higher Education for thousands professors teaching to undergraduate students, as well as the availability of affordable technologies.

Así, destacan el uso de audímetros, people meters, uso de Internet, entre Así, destacan el uso de audímetros, people meters, uso de Internet, entre otras herramientas que facilitan los estudios de medición.

Mucho más que documentos.

Ante ese panorama, los actores del mercado publicitario anunciantes, agencias, medios, academia se ven limitados en el acceso a la información de la audiencia que les permita tomar decisiones estratégicas acertadas. Este trabajo, explora el uso de los dispositivos móviles y la Internet para mejorar la calidad de los sistemas de medición de audiencias en mercados emergentes. La investigación explora los La revisión de la literatura existente sobre el tema permitió acercarse al concepto de audiencia, desde las diferentes tradiciones que la han examinado a lo largo de la historia.

A través de entrevistas con expertos del mercado publicitario centroamericanao, se exponen los principales retos que enfrenta la medición de audiencias en Honduras. Con todo ello se espera identificar algunas líneas de acción que permitan que mercados publicitarios emergentes, como el hondureño, mejoren la calidad y credibilidad de los sistemas con que se mide su audiencia. El papel del profesor adquiere nuevas dimensiones en la educación virtual.

En la investigación se dio seguimiento a la interacción entre tutores y estudiantes en el aula virtual de 10 asignaturas de maestría virtual de la Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana UNITEC. Este trabajo analiza las variables que se asocian a la deserción de programas de maestría en entornos virtuales. En el segundo, sobresalió la falta de tiempo para dedicarse a las actividades de los cursos virtuales, así como la inexperiencia en esta modalidad de aprendizaje.

Therefore, the implementation of the new university system means that the current teaching Therefore, the implementation of the new university system means that the current teaching and learning dynamic must be replaced by in one in which students play an active role, assume responsibilities, and become involved in their own learning.

Only in this way, will they be prepared for the changes taking place in their social and professional environment. Moreover, students are required to adapt themselves to innovative and different methodologies while learning contents, and to put them into practice inside the class, either individually or working in teams.

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In an attempt to shed light on this topic, the present paper analyzes an experiential learning activity carried out during the first semester of the present academic course. It involved students from two universities and nine nationalities i.

Results give insight into the extent to which experiential learning is an effective methodology in the development of students' cross-disciplinary competencies, the improvement of academic performance, as well as developing an international perspective and introducing students to the professional world. One of the challenges in higher education is for students to learn how to apply the theoretical concepts, methods and techniques seen in lectures to real life professional situations. In order to overcome this challenge, professors should In order to overcome this challenge, professors should encourage values such as confidence, culture, communication, creativity, commitment and technical skills.

This article analyzes experiential learning as a methodology for educational innovation that provides students with a space in which they obtain hands on experience and self-reflection, rather than the theoretical information, allowing for personal and professional growth through the teaching process.

Students developed practical abilities such as: problem identification in communication, city brand design and advertising planning. Through this process, a tourism marketing project focused on the promotion of the city of Santa Lucía, in Honduras, was developed. The results of this initiative suggest that experiential learning can improve the development of leadership, decision making and problem solving skills in university students. The movement toward the increased use of analytics in organizations has generated much discussion by aca- demics and professionals about the impacts and opportunities that analytics offers.

Although operations research OR has been a Although operations research OR has been a driving force in applying quantitative and analytical models for organizational decision making, it is less clear how we as OR practitioners can take advantage of the surging interest in analytics to promote the OR profession and expand its reach. In this paper, we discuss the drivers of the analytics movement, an example of an analytics project, and the opportunities and implications for OR, i.

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Cost and Managerial Accounting. Accounting Finance. Mixed Method. Student Perception. Accounting Information Systems. Project Management. Health Social Work. Special Forces.

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